Bear Creek Farms
Flowers in 10 – October
Colors: blue | purple

Ageratum is a cameleon flower that when next to true blue it looks purple, but when next to true purple, it looks blue.


Colors: purple | red foliage

Alternathera is a foliage plant with purple stems and purple foliage.

Colors: green

Asclepias is a unique plant in which the star is the seed pod, thus the name.


Colors: bi-color | gold | red

Silky Asclepias is annual butterfly weed that comes in gold, gold and orange, and red and orange with red foliage.


Colors: green foliage | purple head

The cinnamon basil has long flowers heads, purple in the foliage and a strong scent. The cardinal basil is not as strong in scent, and the flower head is dark purple/brown. It is low and tight, making a very unique looking foliage which also smells wonderfully.


Colors: brown | green

Birch branches are typically cut in the winter or very early spring with no leaves on them. But they can also be cut fully leafed out when in season. The branches themselves are a beautiful reddish brown color with an unusual marking on them.


Colors: green foliage | red berries in the fall

We cut Buck Brush for the lovely berries.


Colors: red seed heads

Castor Beans have a unique seed pod for added texture, but all parts are poisonous.


Colors: purple foliage | purple head

Amazon Celosia is a tall, wheat celosia which only blooms in the fall. Flower, stems, and leaves are purple. (more…)

Colors: bi-color | burgundy | green | orange | pink | red | yellow

Also called “brain” celosia, the Cristata breed comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors.