Bear Creek Farms

About Bear Creek Farms, Inc.

We at Bear Creek Farms have been growing flowers for 17 years. We grow year-round specialty cut flowers. A specialty cut flower is anything but a rose, carnation, or standard mum which are considered to be commodity crops.

Bear Creek Farms sells flowers to florists, grocery stores, wholesalers, and for large, special events. Although we never do arrangements ourselves and our focus is on growing the flowers for arrangements, we do work closely with many clients who can do any floral designs one might need. Bear Creek Farms grows over 150 different flowers (not all at the same time) and concentrates on flowers that do not ship. This allows Bear Creek Farms to produce many unusual and rarely-seen or -used flowers, all for local markets.

We are sustainable growers at Bear Creek Farms. We never use chemical sprays unless absolutely necessary to save a crop. We do use biological sprays, beneficial insects, and organic methods and practices to produce our flowers. Any flower or plant that is considered edible will never be sprayed with anything.

Bear Creek Farms consists of 7 greenhouses, 12 acres of field beds, 3 acres of woody plant material (blooming trees and shrubs), with a total farm area of close to 40 acres. Our most popular crops are beautiful sunflowers, zinnias, celosia, lisianthus, dahlias, and freesia.